More GAP Illustrators and Authors

Here are the last of the Guardian Angel Publishing photos taken at the Borders book signing last weekend.
Author and illustrator of GILLY THE SEASICK FISH, Susann Batson is busy autographing books as author Donna Shepherd looks on. Donna’s latest picture book, BRADYBUG, is illustrated by Kit Grady–the illustrator of two of my Pet Grammar Books, DOGGIE DAY CAMP and HAMSTER HOLIDAYS.

K.C. Snider, illustrator of a variety of books like THE MAGIC VIOLIN by Mayra Calvani, stands next to Marilee Crowe, author of DOWN BY THE SHORE. The beautiful photos in this poetic gem were created by MarySue Roberts, the illustrator for my picture book, GIFTS FROM GOD.

What a fun event, hanging out with such a creative crew.

More GAP Pictures & Rick Riordan Event

Take a look at Connie Arnold and her book, ANIMAL SOUND MIXUP. What would happen if animals made rather unexpected sounds? Check out Connie’s book to find out.

Here is Sue Berger, along with her books from Guardian Angel Publishing. She likes to talk to kids about her book, EARTHQUAKE. The book is full of cool facts about earthquakes, and Sue’s been through a few earthquakes herself. She knows all about “rock ‘n roll.”

Kim Chatell is making another RAINBOW SHEEP. The colorful little critters are made from dyed wool. Kim shapes the wool in a number of different of creations, like snails and kitties. Felting for fun!

Finally, if you’re a Rick Riordan fan, you might want to sign up for the launch of THE LOST HERO, his first book in the new series, THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS. The event happens on October 12.

Illustrators & Highlights Hidden Picture

As promised, here are a couple more photos from the Guardian Angel Publishing events last weekend.

These two pictures show illustrators, Jack Foster and Eugene Ruble, in action.
Jack is demonstrating his drawing techniques for the eager audience. He’s showing them how he developed the characters in Donna Shepherd‘s POODLE AND DOODLE picture book.
Eugene is creating on-the-spot cartoon portraits of lucky kids. Eugene captured each child’s likeness in a flash. And what fun the kids had posing and then seeing themselves come to life in pencil.

All this was happening at the St. Louis Children’s Illustrated Art Museum last Friday.

While we’re on the subject of art, why not pull up this month’s Highlights Magazine Hidden Picture and challenge yourself to see how many objects you can find. Maybe you’ll want to try your own hand at a little illustration as well.

Have fun!

Borders Book Signing

14 authors and illustrators from Guardian Angel Publishing came together on Saturday at the South County Borders in St. Louis for a mega-event. What a fun celebration of children’s literature!

Thanks to publisher Lynda Burch for making it all happen. And thanks to all the amazing authors and illustrators who traveled from across the United States to “meet me in St. Louis.” It was great to get to know them and share our stories.

I’ll share more pictures of the two-day events, but for right now here is a picture of me with two of my Pet Grammar Parade books.

Book Events

A number of Guardian Angel Publishing authors and illustrators will be in St. Louis today and tomorrow.
This afternoon from 1:00-4:00 pm, they will be hosting a series of activities at the Children’s Illustrated Art Museum in Crestwood Mall.
Tomorrow from 11:00-1:00, they will all be signing books at Borders at South County Mall.

Please stop by for a visit if you can.

Congratulation to Kim Chatel, RAINBOW SHEEP Author

Kim Chatel, author of RAINBOW SHEEP from Guardian Angel Publishing, has just been asked to create some of her wonderful fiber art illustrations for Colin Thompson‘s new book for the Save the Children Foundation. Mr. Thompson discovered Kim’s illustrations at the Children’s Illustrated Art Museum in St. Louis.

Kim is the book trailer creator for all my Guardian Angel books, so you can see some of her handiwork on my website: Kitty Kerplunking, Doggie Day Camp, Hamster Holidays, and Gifts from God. And for a sneak peek at Kim’s RAINBOW SHEEP, visit this month’s edition of Guardian Angel Kids, an online interactive ezine for kids.
Congratulations, Kim!

Take Root and Write–Great Review

Thanks so much to Meredith Curtis at her blog, TAKE ROOT AND WRITE, for the wonderful review of both HAMSTER HOLIDAYS: NOUN AND ADJECTIVE ADVENTURES and GIFTS FROM GOD. Read what Ms. Curtis thought of these books:

HAMSTER HOLIDAYS–With adorable illustrations by Kit Grady, this book is kid friendly….After the enchanting story is finished, there are 8 pages of noun and adjective activities and teaching helps! What a fun way to teach or reinforce grammar!
(Be sure to check out the new adorable HAMSTER HOLIDAYS book trailer by Kim McDougall.)

GIFTS FROM GOD–The photographs that fill each page are absolutely gorgeous. GIFTS FROM GOD by Cynthia Reeg is an inspiration book about God’s goodness to us, His beloved children. Photographs are the work of Mary Sue Roberts and they are truly works of art…The first page of each pair of pages has a Scripture verse and the second page has personal exclamation of joyous praise! This book is so beautiful–I have read it through over and over, enjoying the beauty of the lovely pictures and meditating on the verses.

Wow! Thanks so much, Ms. Curtis. It is truly wonderful to know how much readers enjoy our books–which are a tightly-knit collaboration between these two great illustrators, Kit Grady & Mary Sue Roberts, and myself in conjunction with Lynda Burch, publisher at Guardian Angel Publishing.
What great books have you read lately?


I attended the grand opening yesterday of the CHILDREN’S ILLUSTRATED ART MUSEUM in St. Louis. The Museum features artwork from children’s books and magazines. All of the Guardian Angel Publishing works are represented there.

I’ve included a few pictures, so you can get a feel for the place. Much more is to come with additional art works, children’s & teacher programs, workshops and book signings.
Plus, here’s a link to an interview with me in the St. Louis Suburban Journal.

HAMSTER HOLIDAYS Earns a Great Armchair Review

I wanted to share the lovely interview HAMSTER HOLIDAYS received at Armchair

Reviewer, Laura V. Hilton, said, “Has your child been struggling with learning about nouns and adjectives and what their jobs are in a sentence? Then this cute little book about hamsters and holidays will be just the right thing to help your child identify these important parts of a sentence.”
And Ms. Hilton adds, “This book will help grammar become fun.” To read the complete review, click on the link above.
Thanks for the great review, Ms. Hilton.
Now, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the holidays hamster style. Visit Guardian Angel Publishing to find out how you can order your own copy of the book.


It’s been a busy summer already. Just returned from an international trip–I’ll share some photos later. But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you the good news.

HAMSTER HOLIDAYS: Noun and Adjective Adventures–the next book in my Pet Grammar Parade Series is nearly here. 
As you can see from the cover, illustrator Kit Grady has brought to life these adorable and entertaining hamster characters in her own wonderful, colorful style. 
You’ll meet Grandpa and Babe, Carlos and Jenni, Billy–who’s rather silly, and Lotty–who is decidedly spotty.
You can join them through a year of hare-brained holidays–sure to make you giggle. Nouns and adjectives are highlighted throughout the book. A study guide, activity sheet, and multiple puzzles are included.
HAMSTER HOLIDAYS is coming very soon in both eBook and print formats from Guardian Angel Publishing.