Illustrators & Highlights Hidden Picture

As promised, here are a couple more photos from the Guardian Angel Publishing events last weekend.

These two pictures show illustrators, Jack Foster and Eugene Ruble, in action.
Jack is demonstrating his drawing techniques for the eager audience. He’s showing them how he developed the characters in Donna Shepherd‘s POODLE AND DOODLE picture book.
Eugene is creating on-the-spot cartoon portraits of lucky kids. Eugene captured each child’s likeness in a flash. And what fun the kids had posing and then seeing themselves come to life in pencil.

All this was happening at the St. Louis Children’s Illustrated Art Museum last Friday.

While we’re on the subject of art, why not pull up this month’s Highlights Magazine Hidden Picture and challenge yourself to see how many objects you can find. Maybe you’ll want to try your own hand at a little illustration as well.

Have fun!

Picture Adventure

Summer is already over for many students, but there is still time to enjoy the August HIGHLIGHTS Hidden Picture

This beachy scene will help children enjoy the sand, surf, and sun for perhaps one last time this year. What a great way to help expand your child’s vocabulary and reading skills, along with puzzle-solving practice.

Some suggestions for using the Hidden Picture:

For younger students
–look for the pictures that have “b” in them; or “s” or “p”, etc.
–have child write out each picture word he finds in the puzzle
–count the seashells in the picture
–discuss what is happening in the picture
–can the child explain how to build a sand castle?

For older students

–alphabetize all the hidden picture words
–have the child select 1-3 of the words and use them in a story
–have the child write the directions for building a sand castle
–have the child give the pictured children names and create a story about them
–can the child draw her own illustration with one or more hidden pictures?

Let It Snow!

HIGHLIGHTS Magazine has a new hidden picture puzzle for December: Let It Snow by Linda Weller.

Click on the link to download the picture and start searching. I am always amazed how the artists manage to hide all the objects in plan sight. Remember, sometimes it’s easier to find a hidden object by turning the picture upside down or sideways.
Life can be like that sometimes too–when you take a look at something from a totally different perspective, you can find new answers or ideas. And since I can truly stand on my head, I do know what the world looks like upside down. Do you?
What would snow look like if you were standing on your head? Would it be falling down or falling up? Here is how I would write the letters if I were upside down…

Tis the season to be silly!

January Highlights Fun

HIGHLIGHTS magazine online has tons of fun of kids this month. You can download the Hidden Picture, “First Snow,” and try to find all the hidden items. 

there are crafts, puzzles, stories, poetry and more. 
Or you may want to try a couple of the puzzles on my website.
Analog Puzzle 1 and Analog Puzzle 2 are word puzzles similar to crossword puzzles.
After you try these two, see if you can make up one of your own!