It’s been a busy summer already. Just returned from an international trip–I’ll share some photos later. But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you the good news.

HAMSTER HOLIDAYS: Noun and Adjective Adventures–the next book in my Pet Grammar Parade Series is nearly here. 
As you can see from the cover, illustrator Kit Grady has brought to life these adorable and entertaining hamster characters in her own wonderful, colorful style. 
You’ll meet Grandpa and Babe, Carlos and Jenni, Billy–who’s rather silly, and Lotty–who is decidedly spotty.
You can join them through a year of hare-brained holidays–sure to make you giggle. Nouns and adjectives are highlighted throughout the book. A study guide, activity sheet, and multiple puzzles are included.
HAMSTER HOLIDAYS is coming very soon in both eBook and print formats from Guardian Angel Publishing.


Children’s author, Katy S. Duffield, sent her review of the latest PET GRAMMAR PARADE book, Doggie Day Camp:

In my mind, “delightful” is the highest compliment a children’s book can receive and Cynthia’s Reeg’s book, Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures is deliciously delightful! The rollicking tale of Bubba’s first day at doggie camp, along with Kit Grady’s make-me-smile illustrations, are sure to catch children’s interest. And not only is the book a fun read, it’s also chock full of learning potential. Readers are invited to point out verbs and adverbs along the way and the Study Guide at the end of the book provides heaps of extra practice. Reeg knows how to make learning fun. I give this book a two paws up!
– Katy S. Duffield

Thanks, Ms. Duffield. I‘m so glad you enjoyed DOGGIE DAY CAMP. And I hope everyone has the chance to read your fun picture book with Farmer McPeepers. I know they’ll love helping find the missing milk cows. Now where could they be???

Website Additions & a CONTEST

Greetings All!
Please pass the word around that I’ve added the following new treats to my website.
In the WRITINGS section, you’ll find:

BUGGY ALPHABETICS with illustrations by NIKKI SCHAEFER (www. nikkischaefer.com) This poem is an ABECEDARIAN–an alphabetical poem which uses the letters from A-Z for the first letter in every line. (https://www.cynthiareeg.com/writings/alphabetics.html)

A DAY in TASMANIA with photos–taken from my travel journal over the holidays. (https://www.cynthiareeg.com/writings/tasmania.html)

In the TIPS FOR WRITERS section, you’ll find:
INTERVIEW with NIKKI SCHAEFER–the very talented author/illustrator soon to be joining the GAP team (https://www.cynthiareeg.com/tips/nikki_schaefer.html)

More RESOURCES — helpful websites for writers (https://www.cynthiareeg.com/tips/resource_2.html)

In the FOR TEACHERS & PARENTS section, you’ll find:
BOOK SUGGESTIONS for DIVERSITY–a quick list to help celebrate the uniqueness in each child. (https://www.cynthiareeg.com/teachers/diversity.html)

In the FOR KIDS section, you’ll find:
BE A NEWS REPORTER–an easy break-down of the 5 W’s and a link to a Weekly Reader page to start the young news hound on his/her story. (https://www.cynthiareeg.com/kids/reporter.html)

SOLVE A MYSTERY–be the first to unravel the clues and answer the questions, and you’ll win a prize. (https://www.cynthiareeg.com/kids/mystery_questions.html)