Book Giveaway & National Family Literacy Day

K. Dawn Byrd is featuring GIFTS FROM GOD at her blog this week. Stop by and leave a comment. You’ll have a chance to win a copy of the book. What a great way to celebrate NATIONAL FAMILY LITERACY DAY! The official day was last Tuesday, but everyday should be a family literacy event. Check out the website for lots of information on helping your child become a better reader and writer.

Take Root and Write–Great Review

Thanks so much to Meredith Curtis at her blog, TAKE ROOT AND WRITE, for the wonderful review of both HAMSTER HOLIDAYS: NOUN AND ADJECTIVE ADVENTURES and GIFTS FROM GOD. Read what Ms. Curtis thought of these books:

HAMSTER HOLIDAYS–With adorable illustrations by Kit Grady, this book is kid friendly….After the enchanting story is finished, there are 8 pages of noun and adjective activities and teaching helps! What a fun way to teach or reinforce grammar!
(Be sure to check out the new adorable HAMSTER HOLIDAYS book trailer by Kim McDougall.)

GIFTS FROM GOD–The photographs that fill each page are absolutely gorgeous. GIFTS FROM GOD by Cynthia Reeg is an inspiration book about God’s goodness to us, His beloved children. Photographs are the work of Mary Sue Roberts and they are truly works of art…The first page of each pair of pages has a Scripture verse and the second page has personal exclamation of joyous praise! This book is so beautiful–I have read it through over and over, enjoying the beauty of the lovely pictures and meditating on the verses.

Wow! Thanks so much, Ms. Curtis. It is truly wonderful to know how much readers enjoy our books–which are a tightly-knit collaboration between these two great illustrators, Kit Grady & Mary Sue Roberts, and myself in conjunction with Lynda Burch, publisher at Guardian Angel Publishing.
What great books have you read lately?


I had a great time at MAIN STREET BOOKS in St. Charles, Missouri today, signing copies of HAMSTER HOLIDAYS as well as DOGGIE DAY CAMP, KITTY KERPLUNKING (also from the Pet Grammar Parade series) and GIFTS FROM GOD as well.

It was a majorly rainy day here, but nothing stops serious book shoppers. We had a great turnout, and I want to thank store owner Vicki, as well as sales person Sue, for making me so welcome. Coming to Main Street Books is always a treat.
Here are photos with some fans and me. Plus, check out these awesome flowers, courtesy of Randy & Juanita Tatro. What a sweet treat when I walked in the door at Main Street Books! Thanks so much, you two. And thanks to everyone for stopping by–including my number one fan, my husband Rob.
What a grand way to celebrate the Labor Day holiday with HAMSTER HOLIDAYS. Here’s hoping everyday is a holiday for you!

School Visit at St. Alban Roe

Today I celebrated National Library Week and School Library Media Month with the two first grade classes at St. Alban Roe School in Wildwood, Missouri. Both of the classes were great listeners and offered many wonderful ideas. They enjoyed KITTY KERPLUNKING and GIFTS FROM GOD, which I shared with them. And afterwards, I was so happy to see them eagerly checking out books. In fact, many of them couldn’t even wait until they had checked out their books but began reading as they waited in line.

Way to go, first graders! And thanks to Mrs. Bobbit, the school librarian, for inviting me for the delightful visit.

Happy reading to all of you!

Website Additions & a CONTEST

Greetings All!
Please pass the word around that I’ve added the following new treats to my website.
In the WRITINGS section, you’ll find:

BUGGY ALPHABETICS with illustrations by NIKKI SCHAEFER (www. This poem is an ABECEDARIAN–an alphabetical poem which uses the letters from A-Z for the first letter in every line. (

A DAY in TASMANIA with photos–taken from my travel journal over the holidays. (

In the TIPS FOR WRITERS section, you’ll find:
INTERVIEW with NIKKI SCHAEFER–the very talented author/illustrator soon to be joining the GAP team (

More RESOURCES — helpful websites for writers (

In the FOR TEACHERS & PARENTS section, you’ll find:
BOOK SUGGESTIONS for DIVERSITY–a quick list to help celebrate the uniqueness in each child. (

In the FOR KIDS section, you’ll find:
BE A NEWS REPORTER–an easy break-down of the 5 W’s and a link to a Weekly Reader page to start the young news hound on his/her story. (

SOLVE A MYSTERY–be the first to unravel the clues and answer the questions, and you’ll win a prize. (

A Pair of International Reviews

Many thanks go out to Mayra Calvani–writer and reviewer in Brussels, Belguim–for her lovely reviews of GIFTS FROM GOD and KITTY KERPLUNKING. Read what she has to say:

Beautiful and spiritually inspiring, Gifts from God is a tribute to God and all the things that are pure in our lives–the innocence and laughter of our children, the tenderness of a newborn, the magnificence of a sunset, the ‘laughter’ of a waterfall. With a few simple lines, some taken from the Bible, some from her imagination, author Cynthia Reeg has created a lovely book for the entire family, one to be read not only at bedtime, but at any hour of the day. The photographs and imagery are, in one word, captivating. This is a must children’s book for your Christian fiction bookshelf.

In Kitty Kerplunking: Preposition Fun, Reeg teaches children, in a light and fun way, the uses of prepositions. How does she do this? With the help of one very cute Kitty and his antics about the house. Each page features an engaging, colorful illustration and a sentence showing a preposition. For instance…
“Preppy the kitty … pitter-pattered ON the piano keys.”
Each time the preposition in the sentence is capitalized. At the end of the book there’s a useful study guide as well as six pages of activities, including a criss-cross puzzle, word search, seek & find, and fill-in-the-blanks. This is the perfect book to introduce young children to prepositions.

To read more of Mayra’s reviews, visit her at Mayra’s Secret Bookcase

There, you can also find out about her children’s picture book, THE MAGIC VIOLIN, and her soon-to-be-published book, THE SLIPPERY ART OF BOOK REVIEWING.

And if you’d like to find out even more about Mayra, journey to her other blog, THE FOUNTAIN PEN NEWLETTER at

Happy reading!