Summer Art Show Contest for Kids

Quick…take a look at this:

Robin Falls Kids is the hosting this 2-day contest for
Children’s art work and stories can be entered.
What a fun way to start the summer!
Holly has already started

 her summer fun with a splash in the pool. What other adventures will Holly have this summer? Check back to find out…or write your own Holly adventures. I’d love to read your stories about my favorite canine.

A Free Book, A Contest, an Interview, & More

Jon Bard, Managing Editor at Children’s Book Insider, is offering a FREE e-book on writing for children. “Getting Started Writing Children’s Picture Books” is free at 

Children’s Writer magazine is sponsoring a contest for a fictional story or nonfiction article related to a holiday or season for children age 4. 125-words is the limit. They’d like to see less well-known holidays featured. And keep in mind that the story should appeal to the adults who will be reading it to the children as well. “Winners will be selected on age-appropriateness, use of language, clarity, originality, and the overall quality of writing.” Oct. 31 is the deadline. Visit Children’s Writer for more details.
Jessica Kennedy, the Differently-Abled Writer, has just posted a new interview with me. Visit her blog and take a peek.
And Just One More Book is starting its 3rd year highlighting children’s books. They provide a free online podcast celebrating children’s literature–without any advertisements! It’s a fun site to visit, and you can call in and be part of the show (1-206-350-6487.) What’s a favorite kid’s book you’d like to share?


RAINBOW SHEEP by Kim Chatel.
Guardian Angel Publishing, 2008.
ISBN: 1933090847/ 978-1933090849

REVIEW by Cynthia Reeg

Genevieve, a shepherdess with a knack for “nonsense stories,” leads a herd of disgruntled but lovable “grey and dirty brown” sheep. When the rain persists for too long, Genevieve tickles one cloud after another until the sun shines through. It is then the sad, pale, bored rainbow comes into view. After a few of Genevieve’s silly stories, the rainbow sees the joy in the world all around and is no longer sad. Instead, it cries happy, colorful tears which drip onto the sheep huddled below—creating rainbow sheep.

Ms. Chatel has woven a truly colorful and unique story with RAINBOW SHEEP. Her original wool fiber art scenes capture the story’s warmth. This children’s tale with its rich language will beckon readers and listeners back again and again to revel in its soft, sweet words and magical visions.

RAINBOW SHEEP offers bonus pages which explain the art of needle felting with instructions on how to make your own rainbow sheep and felted soap. A glossary is included as well. This book seems like a perfect summertime (or anytime) read to delight and entertain young readers.

A story CONTEST is in the works right now, sponsored by Ms. Chatel. She is encouraging young writers to create their own colorful stories and submit them to her website. To find out more about the contest, click on the link above.

MY LIGHT Magazine Illustrator Contest

Media Contact: Jennifer Gladen



PENNSYLVANIA (May 29, 2008) — The new Catholic E-Zine for children, My Light Magazine, is holding an illustration contest. The winner’s artwork will become the cover of My Light’s debut issue in August 2008.
My Light is a free online Catholic magazine for children. “The mission is to help children better understand their faith and grow closer to God,” Editor Jennifer Gladen said. The magazine includes stories, articles, crafts, Bible stories and poems.
Ms. Gladen is excited about the upcoming contest. “This is a great opportunity. Illustrating for the cover of a debut issue is an impressive addition to the resume’.” Deadline is July 1, 2008. Entries not chosen for August will receive first consideration for future issues.
For further information and guidelines, visit http://mylightmagazine.tripodcom Media contact:

Jennifer GladenEditor, My Light Magazinehttp://mylightmagazine.tripod.comhttp://mylightmagazine.stblogs.com

Author of A Star in the Night(Guardian Angel Publishing,Summer 2008)

A Contest for Kids & A Contest for Children’s Authors

Please check out these fun contests:

To celebrate her new release of The Gollywhopper Games (HarperCollins/ Greenwillow) , Jody Feldman is holding a contest for kids from 8-15 years old and a drawing for authors and others. Kids who send in the correct solution to the puzzle posted at the Contests link at can win a Nintendo DS Lite or The Gollywhopper Games T-shirt. And if you post this info on a blog or pass it along to a family with age-eligible children or to an elementary or middle school teacher, you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of The Gollywhopper Games and a T-shirt. But you’ll need to let her know you’ve done so by sending in an email at to enter.

Spoonfuls of Stories
This contest is looking for children’s authors who have not been previously published. The deadline for entering is July 15, 2008. Win $5,000 and the chance to have your story published by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing.
Look for the official rules at the Cheerios website.

Ready! Set! Start writing!!!

StoryTubes CONTEST for KIDS


StoryTubes 2008 national contest

Kids across the United States in Grades 1–6 are invited to participate in a national contest. They can make a two-minute video about their favorite book, upload it to YouTube, go to the StoryTubes website, and submit a link to the uploaded video using the contest entry form before April 20. The four winners in each genre category will win $500 in books and select a school, library, or educational association to receive $1,000 in books….

The contest begins April 1.

Each week during May, one video will be selected. The creator of the video will receive $500 in books and the winner’s school (home school) or library will also receive $1,000 in books!!!

These are the four video categories:
Hair Raising Tales
For or From the Heart
Of Heros and Heroines
Facts, Fads, and Phenoms

Go to the Story Tubes link to find out all the details.

Good luck!

Website Additions & a CONTEST

Greetings All!
Please pass the word around that I’ve added the following new treats to my website.
In the WRITINGS section, you’ll find:

BUGGY ALPHABETICS with illustrations by NIKKI SCHAEFER (www. This poem is an ABECEDARIAN–an alphabetical poem which uses the letters from A-Z for the first letter in every line. (

A DAY in TASMANIA with photos–taken from my travel journal over the holidays. (

In the TIPS FOR WRITERS section, you’ll find:
INTERVIEW with NIKKI SCHAEFER–the very talented author/illustrator soon to be joining the GAP team (

More RESOURCES — helpful websites for writers (

In the FOR TEACHERS & PARENTS section, you’ll find:
BOOK SUGGESTIONS for DIVERSITY–a quick list to help celebrate the uniqueness in each child. (

In the FOR KIDS section, you’ll find:
BE A NEWS REPORTER–an easy break-down of the 5 W’s and a link to a Weekly Reader page to start the young news hound on his/her story. (

SOLVE A MYSTERY–be the first to unravel the clues and answer the questions, and you’ll win a prize. (