RAINBOW SHEEP by Kim Chatel.
Guardian Angel Publishing, 2008.
ISBN: 1933090847/ 978-1933090849

REVIEW by Cynthia Reeg

Genevieve, a shepherdess with a knack for “nonsense stories,” leads a herd of disgruntled but lovable “grey and dirty brown” sheep. When the rain persists for too long, Genevieve tickles one cloud after another until the sun shines through. It is then the sad, pale, bored rainbow comes into view. After a few of Genevieve’s silly stories, the rainbow sees the joy in the world all around and is no longer sad. Instead, it cries happy, colorful tears which drip onto the sheep huddled below—creating rainbow sheep.

Ms. Chatel has woven a truly colorful and unique story with RAINBOW SHEEP. Her original wool fiber art scenes capture the story’s warmth. This children’s tale with its rich language will beckon readers and listeners back again and again to revel in its soft, sweet words and magical visions.

RAINBOW SHEEP offers bonus pages which explain the art of needle felting with instructions on how to make your own rainbow sheep and felted soap. A glossary is included as well. This book seems like a perfect summertime (or anytime) read to delight and entertain young readers.

A story CONTEST is in the works right now, sponsored by Ms. Chatel. She is encouraging young writers to create their own colorful stories and submit them to her website. To find out more about the contest, click on the link above.

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