A Free Book, A Contest, an Interview, & More

Jon Bard, Managing Editor at Children’s Book Insider, is offering a FREE e-book on writing for children. “Getting Started Writing Children’s Picture Books” is free at 

Children’s Writer magazine is sponsoring a contest for a fictional story or nonfiction article related to a holiday or season for children age 4. 125-words is the limit. They’d like to see less well-known holidays featured. And keep in mind that the story should appeal to the adults who will be reading it to the children as well. “Winners will be selected on age-appropriateness, use of language, clarity, originality, and the overall quality of writing.” Oct. 31 is the deadline. Visit Children’s Writer for more details.
Jessica Kennedy, the Differently-Abled Writer, has just posted a new interview with me. Visit her blog and take a peek.
And Just One More Book is starting its 3rd year highlighting children’s books. They provide a free online podcast celebrating children’s literature–without any advertisements! It’s a fun site to visit, and you can call in and be part of the show (1-206-350-6487.) What’s a favorite kid’s book you’d like to share?

An Interview with Jason Wells

Jason Wells, the Director of Marketing & Publicity at Harry N. Abrams Inc., was interviewed recently at Just One More Book on May 5 and 12, 2008.
Some highlights from the interviews were Jason’s thoughts on what constitutes a good website. He suggested it be a “one-stop-shop for everyone.” According to Jason, the site should be relevant for all—librarians, teachers, readers. A good website should promote the book for readers by providing additional character information, games, links, etc. Plus, it should encourage new readers as well—excite them about reading the book for themselves and sharing the experience.
Jason noted that the more an author has out there (on the Internet), the more likely it is for someone to find out about the book. However, he also stated that a review in a major newspaper or magazine still sells more books than a blog review.
To find out more publicity inside information, visit Just One More Book and listen to Jason’s interviews.
The site also has tons of book reviews and author interviews. The American Library Association’s Library Services to Children has given Just One More Book their “Great Web Site” seal of approval. It’s a wonderful site. Allow yourself some extra time when you visit because as the name suggests, you’ll want to listen/read about just one more book or author.