Draw Your Own Monster–And Win a Book!

The monsters are joining art school!


Local artist Todd Tevlin‘s class on HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS will include a chance for students (7-11) to win copies of FROM THE GRAVE and INTO THE SHADOWLANDS!!! Each student will be given a 20% discount to buy the books at THE NOVEL NEIGHBOR  where the classes will be held. Hurry and sign up. Class size is limited. Don’t miss your chance for mayhem!



I attended the grand opening yesterday of the CHILDREN’S ILLUSTRATED ART MUSEUM in St. Louis. The Museum features artwork from children’s books and magazines. All of the Guardian Angel Publishing works are represented there.

I’ve included a few pictures, so you can get a feel for the place. Much more is to come with additional art works, children’s & teacher programs, workshops and book signings.
Plus, here’s a link to an interview with me in the St. Louis Suburban Journal.

Museum of the Dog Visit

On Sunday, I did have the wonderful opportunity to visit the Museum of the Dog. Originally, the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog was located in New York City. But by 1981, the Museum had already become too large for its location.

In 1987, the Jarville House in Queeny Park (St. Louis, Missouri) became the new home for the Museum. The Jarville House’s history dates back to 1853 when John Renard, an early settler, built the home for his second wife. The red brick house is an example of Greek Revival architecture–one of the few remaining “outstanding examples” in the St. Louis area.

In 1989 a 14,000 square foot addition was constructed for the Museum, and the original carriage house was converted to the gift shop and offices. The completed Museum with its permanent collection formally opened in November 1990. It boasts “the country’s largest collection of art, artifacts, and literature on man’s best friend.”

Some top-notch dogs are pictured at the Museum. Here are two: Barney & Miss Beazley, in the White House International Diplomats’ Reception Room (by Constance Coleman, 2005)
This portrait shows none other than President George W. and Laura Bush’s dogs.

Dog-Gone Amazing!

My staff & I didn’t make it to the Museum of the Dog today due to other commitments, but rest assured that we will very soon. And we’ll provide you with all the exciting de-TAILS!

My ever vigilant staff did find some amazing canine art work on the web today. No, not more portraits of dogs–rather art work BY a dog! Yes, that’s right. The world famous Tillamook Cheddar. Tillie has brought scratching and chewing to a whole new artistic level. She’s had exhibits in Europe, New York City, Los Angeles, and more. Tillie is a Jack Russell Terrier from New York City with a special gift for using her “teeth and claws” to create masterpieces. Tillie even has her own biography, Portrait of the Young Dog as an Artist by F. Bowman Hastie III. Click here to see more pictures of Tillie. The first picture shows her at work on a canvas.

What’s that? Oh….my dog Holly just padded into my office with a paint brush in her mouth. I believe she’s ready to create her own painting. Now if I can just stop her before she tries to open the paints…….