More GAP Pictures & Rick Riordan Event

Take a look at Connie Arnold and her book, ANIMAL SOUND MIXUP. What would happen if animals made rather unexpected sounds? Check out Connie’s book to find out.

Here is Sue Berger, along with her books from Guardian Angel Publishing. She likes to talk to kids about her book, EARTHQUAKE. The book is full of cool facts about earthquakes, and Sue’s been through a few earthquakes herself. She knows all about “rock ‘n roll.”

Kim Chatell is making another RAINBOW SHEEP. The colorful little critters are made from dyed wool. Kim shapes the wool in a number of different of creations, like snails and kitties. Felting for fun!

Finally, if you’re a Rick Riordan fan, you might want to sign up for the launch of THE LOST HERO, his first book in the new series, THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS. The event happens on October 12.

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