Halloween Ghostly Games

Halloween SPOOKtaculars are most fun when celebrated with friends. Here are a few game ideas to help make your party the Halloweenie-est!

Trick or Treat Game
Supplies needed:
Timer or Watch with a second hand, Paper, Pencil

Have the players write the words “Trick or Treat” on a piece of paper. Set a timer. See how many words they can make out of “Trick or Treat” before the timer runs out. This is a game you can do by yourself as a personal challenge also.

Candy Corn Catch
Supplies needed:
Candy corn, 2 or more plastic pumpkins, String or belt for tying around waist, Music

Divide into groups, 4-5 per team. Tie a plastic pumpkin around one team member’s waist. (This person should be brave.) Give the remaining team members a basket of candy corns. Play some spooky music. When the music begins, yell, “G0!” Each team tries to toss the most candy corns into their pumpkin from a certain distance. Stop and start the music to give team members a chance to change turns. When the song is over, count the candy corns and the team with the most wins!

Eyeball Relay
Supplies needed:
1 Ping pong ball for each team (painted like an eyeball)

Plastic spoons for each team member
Divide into teams. Give the first person on each team a spoon and an EYE (ping pong ball.) Show them the course where they have to carry the EYE on the spoon in their mouths and come back. Hand off to the next child and continue until all players have carried the eyeball through the course. If a team member drops the eyeball, he/she must start over again. First team done wins!