Happy Book Birthday–INTO THE SHADOWLANDS!!!

Monster or Die!–Book 2

It’s here!

Come celebrate with me at The Novel Neighbor in St. Louis on October 14 from 4-6pm.

Or a week later, October 21, at Main Street Books in St. Charles from 2-4pm.

School Library Journal

There is something for everyone: suspense, adventure, a blossoming romance, and some truly corny humor from a two-headed gargoyle.


Patrick SamphireEmperor of Mars

Charming, scary, and imaginative. Perfect for the little ghoul in your life.


Wendy MacKnight, It’s a Mystery Pig-Face

A wonderful sequel! I am Team Frank all the way, and there were so many twists and turns in this plot that it would strike fear into the heart of any self-respectful monster! Kids will devour this! Scary on!


Cynthia Surrisi  Vampires on the Run

There has never been a finer collection of monsters, ghouls, and other assorted creatures of creepiness in one volume. And never have they struggled against type with such pathos to do what they believe is the right thing in the face of condemnation. Hurrah!


Caroline Larsen, editor JFP

This is a lovely sequel to FROM THE GRAVE and is part of a great middle grade series about “monstering,” inclusivity, fitting in, friendship, loyalty, and fighting for what you believe in. I was surprised by how touched I was by Malcolm’s transformation in this story. Read the first book, FROM THE GRAVE, this summer just in time for INTO THE SHADOWLANDS to come out at Halloween!


Last day to win a signed copy of both




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FROM THE GRAVE Is Unleashed!!!

nn-ftgThe monsters are officially on the loose now, although a bit side-tracked.

My apologies to any readers who are eagerly awaiting their copies.

“Monsters paths aren’t always straight,” according to Witch Picklepuss. And she is so right. FROM THE GRAVE’s publisher ran into some difficulties last week, but the outlook is good for books–and monsters–to be overtaking the world very soon!

Decay wasn’t built in a day!

So I ask you to please be patient as we remedy this. In the meantime, I’m sharing shots from The Launch Party at The Novel Neighbor on Saturday. Check back for updates and as always-

Monster on!

1ftg-book-signing-10-22 3ftg-book-signing-10-22 spooky-signing

October 18–A Month of Monsters: BOOK No-RELEASE DAY!

Warts and Wattles!!!

So SORRY to say that 

Today is NOT the DAY!

This is no bad joke.


is NOT releasing today

because Jolly Fish Press is no more.

Hopefully FROM THE GRAVE will find a new publisher

and the monsters will see the light of day.

I greatly appreciate all the wonderful support from family and friends!

Monster on!


Today’s Monsterism: Looks can and should be deceiving!