October 18–A Month of Monsters: BOOK No-RELEASE DAY!

Warts and Wattles!!!

So SORRY to say that 

Today is NOT the DAY!

This is no bad joke.


is NOT releasing today

because Jolly Fish Press is no more.

Hopefully FROM THE GRAVE will find a new publisher

and the monsters will see the light of day.

I greatly appreciate all the wonderful support from family and friends!

Monster on!


Today’s Monsterism: Looks can and should be deceiving!


4 thoughts on “October 18–A Month of Monsters: BOOK No-RELEASE DAY!

  1. This really “bites”! We hate that this happened and can’t imagine how you feel… I’m sure your book will be picked up by a viable publisher!

    See you soon!
    Lauri and James

  2. Cindy, this is unbelievably bad, sad news. In fact, it sucks! The story line is spot-on with it’s ok-to-be different message. Hopefully it will be picked up soon by another publisher. Hang tough!

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