Summer of a Thousand Pies

Today is the BOOK BIRTHDAY of Margaret Dilloway‘s wonderful new Middle Grade novel!

I had the awesome opportunity to read a review copy of this contemporary book, and I am very pleased to share my thoughts on this uplifting, fun, and truly sweet story.

Summer of a Thousand Pies

San Diego girl, Cady Bennett is only twelve but she’s already had more than her fair share of troubles. Her mom died when she was five. Her dad had a meltdown that’s lasted years, leaving the two of them homeless. Now as the story begins Cady finds herself alone, her dad in jail, and a stranger who says she’s a long lost aunt stepping in as foster guardian. Soon a bewildered and frightened Cady finds herself whisked away to a small California mountain town, living with two aunts, two dogs, a cat, and assorted chickens. Cady takes a chance and makes a friend. In fact, as she learns to trust, she makes a townful of friends, and she accepts the challenge to master pie making. But when her aunt’s pie shop faces hard times, she accepts an even greater challenge to garner the needed support to keep the pies coming. This truly heart-warming story of trials and determination highlights issues of at-risk youth, as well as the plight of illegal aliens—especially the young DREAMERS facing such an uncertain future. This book is a truly scrumptious treat for middle graders, filled with heart, humor, and characters who will earn a sweet spot in your heart. Don’t miss it!

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