Camp Shady Crook

Summer Reading Fun

I had the opportunity to read a preview copy of my fellow Sweet 16er’s new middle grade novel–CAMP SHADY CROOK by Lee Gjertsen Malone. The adventure came out this week–just in time for a fun summer read. The characters will draw you in with their quirky, flawed personalities–and their shenanigans.

You can read my review below of CAMP SHADY CROOK. You might also want to try Ms. Malone’s first MG book, THE LAST BOY AT ST. EDITH’S. Another middle grade misadventure.

Camp Shady Crook

Troubled middle school students, Archie and Vivian, meet at Camp Shady Brook and soon discover a shared love of conning other campers. Archie tries to teach Vivian his techniques mainly in an effort to keep her under control, even as she pulls a con on him. The cons keep coming as the notoriously nasty camp grows ever more mildewed and overgrown and the campers grow ever more discontented. But when a con goes dramatically wrong, Archie and Vivian, finally see the error of their ways and attempt to set things right. The trouble is, it may be too late to make amends to their family and would-be friends. An entertaining summer read with memorable characters searching for the true meaning of friendship and self worth. 

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