Reaching for the Stars

Star Light, Star Bright
Which star will I see first tonight?
Wish I may. Wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight

If you are a star gazer or a star wisher, you will love PBS’ new website called SEEING IN THE DARK highlighting a film by Timothy Ferris. The documentary airs at various times this month on PBS. Check the website for the broadcast schedule in your area.

But as interesting as the film sounds, the website itself is vastly entertaining. Truly out-of-this-world with astrological information and digital star charts. You can see exactly what the stars will look like tonight in your backyard. Or you can even discover which star began sending its light to earth the same year you were born. Plus, the site contains resources for teachers and families and star shots which will transport you to galaxies far, far away.

I have a poem to be published by HIGHLIGHTS magazine called, “Reaching for the Stars.” Truly, this new website seems to bring them easily within reach.

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