Catnip, a Lost Siberian Husky, and a Cheese Quest

Writing can be lonely. It’s just the forlorn writer and the paper (ok, so probably computer, but I’m trying to sound poetic here.)

Anyway… everyday the solitary writer faces the page all alone. Battling writer’s block. Overcoming obstinate characters. Tackling yet another revision.

How do I cope with such overwhelming problems all by myself?

I don’t. I have a support staff!
Two long-time staff cats, Herman & Henry, and an apprentice dog, Holly

Herman, as you can see from the photo, takes notes at our latest office meeting where we discuss a new middle grade novel already in the works. He’s done his research and thinks we need to add at least one cat to the story and probably catnip as well for extra spice.

Holly and Henry brainstorm ideas for beefing up the tension in the plot. Holly suggests adding a territorial German Shepherd and a lost Siberian Husky who stir up old rivalries.
Henry wants a family of mice on a quest for cheese which leads them deep inside a renegade kitty lair.

I consult my story outline and see that we have wandered rather drastically from the original plot. I propose we adjourn for a break. Henry suggests snack time. Holly seconds and Herman is already leading them to the pantry.
So as you can see, with help like this, my job is never lonely.

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