Word Fun with Jessica

Today my friend Jessica visited. Jessica is in third grade and likes to read–especially Amelia Bedelia stories. I asked Jessica about what they were learning in school. She told me all about multiplication tables and word problems, which she greatly enjoys. Her teacher is “very creative” and Jessica likes that.

So Jessica and I got creative today as well. I saw in my book, WHAT EVERY THIRD GRADER NEEDS TO KNOW, that third graders learn about homophones, or sound alike words. Turns out, Amelia Bedelia stories usually feature some sound alike word mix-ups.
Jessica and I thought up a few homophones, found clip art pictures to match each one, then Jessica used each word in a sentence. You can see the first page of words we worked with in the photo.
Fun & simple. You bet–and a great learning opportunity for young readers.
Try some sound alike words with your children.
Are you smarter than a third grader?
How many homophones can you think of in a minute???