Harold D. Underdown Visits on Book Bites for Kids

This week Suzanne Lieurance (from THE NATIONAL WRITING CENTER FOR CHILDREN) is hosting Harold D. Underdown on Book Bites for Kids each afternoon (Tuesday to Friday) at 2:00 pm CST. Harold will be offering all types of advice and information for children’s writers. Harold is probably best know for his phenomenal website, THE PURPLE CRAYON, a wealth of information for children’s writers. And Harold has also written THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO PUBLISHING CHILDREN’S BOOKS.

You can call in LIVE and ask Harold a question: 1-646-716-9239. Or if you can’t listen live, use the Book Bites link above where all the interviews are archived.

And when visiting THE PURPLE CRAYON, be sure to check out fellow Guardian Angel Publishing author, Margot Finke. She has featured tips there called, “Margot’s Musings.

Awesome Interview

I had a great time today with Suzanne Lieurance at BOOK BITES FOR KIDS on BlogTalkRadio. Truly, the 30 minutes flew by, but I was discussing a subject I knew well and had great interest in–ME!

So if you missed the opportunity to hear it broadcast live, never fear. Click on the link below, and you can hear the archived interview.

I would rate this as a 3Brownie interview–at least that’s how many brownies I ate before the interview. No power drinks or coffee for me. This children’s author runs on Triple-Chunk Fudge Brownies. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the interview….

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February 29 is the deadline for submitting your answers!

Upcoming Interview

I’m very excited to announce that I will be on Suzanne Lieurance’s Book Bites for Kids this Friday (Feb. 22 at 2 pm CST.)

Here’s the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bookbitesforkids and here’s the phone # if you’d like to call and make a comment or ask a question: 1-646-716-9239. (Just please don’t make it too hard of a question though. 🙂

But if you can’t listen in on Friday afternoon, don’t worry. You can always come back at your convenience to hear the recorded interview.

Now I’m off to practice on my enunciation…