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Today I read a short article by author, Anastasia Suen, about “Teaching Sentence Fluency with Wordless Books.” She suggests using wordless picture books and letting the students write the story based on the pictures.

We did much the same technique when I worked in an elementary school library. Each year we would have the three second grade classes put into words the wonderful wordless classic, THE SNOWMAN by Raymond Briggs.
With each different class we had them decide as a group what the name of the characters in the story were to be. Then 2-3 students would be given one page of the story to tell. We would gather each group’s page, put them in order, and post the entire story on the wall outside the library. The students loved this activity. They enjoyed reading the other two classes’ stories as well–because even using the same illustrations, the three classes’ stories differed. A wonderful way to emphasize the unlimited creativity we each possess–how we each see the world a bit differently.
What a great way to encourage young writers and readers. This activity could easily be used at home as well. The simple truth is the better a child can read and write the better he will do in school. Help your child(ren) become great readers and writers and have fun while doing it.

Children’s Book Biz News from Anastasia Suen

Anastasia Suen, children’s author of 110 books and an excellent writing teacher, shares her knowledge and inside news in 4 different blogs.

Kid Lit Kit (using books in the classroom)
Picture Book of the Day (activities/writing ideas for books)
Book of the Week (highlights a book with links for further exploration of the topic)
Children’s Book Biz News (updated info on editors, agents, & books)
I’m happy to say that I made last Friday’s post at CHILDREN’S BOOK BIZ NEWS
Thanks, Anastasia, for the highlight!


Today’s blog is a potpourri of cool stuff.

First off, Kevin Scott Collier (Guardian Angel Publishing illustrator) will soon start filming a new 30 minute show (DRAWING FOR KICKS) on the KICKS TV. Kevin will help teach kids how to draw. He’ll get some help from his son Jarod too. For more information, click on the link above.
If you’re a kid who likes to draw, check out some of the links on my website for places to submit your artwork. Activity is a place with online drawing tips for kids. And is another place to submit student artwork.

Lynda Burch is the publisher at Guardian Angel Publishing. She’s an extremely interesting person. To find out more about her and how Guardian Angel Publishing works, visit Mayra’s Secret Bookcase for an interview with Lynda.
For writers, Lynda provides contest information. And for young writers, Kim Chatel currently has a contest for you. Click on Kim’s name above to find out more. Check my website for other writing sites for kids too. (Be a News Reporter , Limericks, Cool Links)
Anastasia Suen is offering a new online writing class for adults. The picture book writing class starts September 1 and lasts until September 26. The first class emails go out this Friday, August 29. So if you’re interested, don’t delay. Visit Anastasia’s website. She’s a great teacher–I’ve taken two of her classes myself. And if this class won’t work for you, don’t worry. She’s offers many other options as well.
Another great review for DOGGIE DAY CAMP has just been posted on by Suzanne Lieurance. Or you can visit The National Writing for Children Center where Suzanne offers classes and find the review and the book trailer posted. Plus, you can find information on the classes Suzanne offers for children’s authors.

Brilliante Weblog Premio Award

Exciting news today…

Jennifer Gladen nominated my blog for the BRILLIANTE WEBLOG PREMIO AWARD!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Now it’s my turn to nominate some wonderful blogs. Here are my nominees:’

That Girly Girl’s Journal– BLAH, BLAH, BLAH: a heaping helping of sassy, a small side of sweet will entertain, enlighten, and delight as she shares her everyday journey on the way to writer stardom.

In Jody’s Live Journal entries she treats you to the inside scoop on her writer’s journey–which is especially exciting with the release of her new book, The GollyWhopper Games, an amazing adventure story. Don’t miss the chance to peek over her shoulder as reveals her secrets.

On Kevin’s blog you’ll discover one of the most amazing guys I know–an illustrator/writer that knows no limits when it comes to creativity, work stamina, and niceness. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand to others on their literary journeys. Now he’s preparing for his own TV show!

Her BLOG CENTRAL contains links to Book of the Week, Children’s Book Biz News, Picture Book of the Day, and links to other blogs she likes to read. Anastasia provides an amazing wealth of writerly material. And you can sign up to receive her blogs fresh in your mail box 5 days of the week–for free. What a deal!

At the MUSE UNLEASHED, Lea provides an open forum for writers to post their news, their insights, and their concerns. She has created a wonderful support network for writers spanning the globe. She also offers some great freebies!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting these blogs. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage–and maybe a few chocolates as well–sit down and put your feet up for a while.


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