Watch Out! Monsters Happen Here!

Today I’m offering a glimpse of my writing space—a small office area in my bedroom. Be it ever so humble, this is where monsters are created!


My Desk

There is my usually cluttered desk. I never seem to keep it as neat as I’d like. If I do straighten things up, then I usually lose track of where I’ve put something. So it’s probably better if it stays a bit messy. Monsters like mess anyway—perhaps that’s why so many have moved in.


My Bookshelves

There are a few bookshelves. A whole room full of shelves would not be enough for I could fill them quickly. I’ve had to size-down my book collection to stay within my space. There are books on writing, reference books, files, folders, photos and such. My shelves for favorite books stands in the hallway, a few steps away. Right now Jonathan Stroud’s book, THE HOLLOW BOY, sits on my desk though. He is such a master of fantasy adventure. I’m hoping the close proximity to one of his works will bring good mojo my way.


My Poem

There is a framed copy of my poem, “Reaching for the Stars,” which was published in HIGHLIGHTS magazine some years back. I love the colorful illustration by artist Melanie Hall. And I love the poem’s ongoing words of encouragement, “Go ahead. Try it. You’ll see—stars aren’t really so far away.” That’s the sentiment I keep focusing on in my writing career. Believing that the impossible is possible when you give it your all.



My View

There is classical music playing in the background. The masterful notes soothe my soul and inspire my muse. Periodically a train passes behind me. The rumble reminds me of powerful forces at work both within and without. Sometimes the sound pulls me out of a scene I’m writing and brings me back to the here and now, but more often it simply blends into the world I’ve created. I hear too the soft whirl of wheels on the street down below as cars slow at the corner stop sign. The vehicles pause and move on—my story too slows and accelerates with each new scene, setting, and the cast of characters. Today’s view through my office window is a gloomy one, following a morning thunderstorm. A perfect view for monsters—and this monster writer.


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