Violins, Trucks, and Good Reads

Today–on this 1st of May–I had the wonderful good luck to be at Wild Horse Elementary School (The Stallions) just in time to hear the 4th Grade Violin Concert. The 4th Graders were amazing, playing a fun array of songs ranging from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to a very modern We Will Rock You! I eagerly joined in the clapping and rocking to the super sounds of these 4th Grade Stallions violin virtuosos. My May Day hat is off as I bow to all of them for a great performance.
Here are my suggestions for some great books about violins:
Playing the Violin and Stringed Instruments by Allison Hunka and Philippa Bunting
The Magic Violin by Mayra Calvani

Also at Wild Horse Elementary I spent some time with Kurtis and Drew. We all thoroughly enjoyed reading Truck Driver Tom by Monica Wellington. Kurtis and Drew designed their own trucks from tag board and colored them. Finally, I helped them find some produce photos in the newspaper, which they cut out and glued onto their trucks for cargo–just like in TRUCK DRIVER TOM.
Truly, this is a fun book on many levels. The art work and maze of trucks & vehicles make this an almost WHERE’S WALDO of the automotive world. But the boys loved the zany combination of photographs and illustrations. Drew cracked-up each time he found a real person’s face peeking out of a car/truck/bus window. And Kurtis enjoyed the end paper challenge to find the page where each of the different vehicles was pictured. And I liked the subtle way that the trucking industry was introduced to young readers. Too fun!

Last, but certainly not least today, I want to thank Anastasia Suen for bringing to my attention this wonderful list: READ ALOUD AMERICA BOOK LIST 2008. These books are chosen for various age groups, reading levels, and interests. As stated in earlier posts here on Mem Fox’s READING MAGIC, it is never too soon (or too late) to start reading to/with your child. Reading and writing skills are fundamental for helping your child succeed.

For more reading aloud suggestions, go to FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERS on my website and check-out these two articles: READ ALOUD WONDERS and READING ALOUD. And there are still more READING FUN suggestions at the FOR KIDS section too.

Get ready! Set! READ!!!

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  1. I really enjoyed hearing how you shared my book Truck Driver Tom with the kids! (And thanks for writing in to my blog) The people in the little photos are my friends Kelly and Jack, who I dedicated the book to, and also there is one picture of my daughter and our cat! Sounds like you had a really fun and busy day at the school.

  2. Anastasia,I love book lists, and this one is especially tempting. I’m checking off the ones I’ve already read and then heading to the library for the others.Thanks for stopping by.Cindy

  3. Monica,I’m so pleased you stopped by, and I’ll tell Kurtis and Drew that I “talked” with you the author of TRUCK DRIVER TOM. They will be in awe. I’ll be sure to tell them who the photos are of.Best wishes,Cindy

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