An Original Valentine’s Day Story

by Cynthia Reeg

Theodore Kong III, a young gorilla of few words, lived in the deep, deep jungle. He loved swinging from tippy-top branches, stamp-stomping mini-earthquakes, and pat-a-tat-tatting his chest. He was an exemplary young gorilla.

Until one Valentine’s Day when he found SOMETHING quite astonishing and wore it to breakfast.


“T…T…Teddy?” stuttered his parents. “What is that?”


Mmmrrrgg,” Teddy rumbled.


“A LONG pink scarf!” said his father with a pat-a-tat-tat.


“Black is the ONLY color gorillas need.”


Teddy’s mother touched the scarf’s heart-shaped spots.


“Why! They’re the shades of misty morning sunrises… BUT gorillas don’t need colorful hearts.”


Mmmrrrgg,” Teddy grrrrrrrumbled louder.

“I don’t care how… ahhhhh…soft it is!” said Teddy’s father.

Mmmrrrgg,” Teddy grrrrrrrrrrumbled even louder.

“Or how splendid the hearts are,” said Teddy’s mother. “Gorillas do NOT wear soft, pink, heart-dotted scarves. Ever!


With that, Theodore Kong III, sss…pun the scarf from his neck.


Up to the tippy-top branches, he swww…ung with it!


Into the fallen leaves, he stamp-stomped on it!



Finally, with a grrrrr…roar louder than ever before, he zzzip-ripped the long, soft, pink, heart-dotted scarf into pieces!


Into THREE pieces.

Mmmrrrgg!” Teddy roared sweetly. “One for each of us! Happy Valentine’s Day!”


His proud parents smiled back.

Then Teddy scrunch-crunched them both in a hairy hug—and that said it all.

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