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[FROM THE GRAVE]… this is a totally fun book that I can see middle graders adoring. And it is fun that we hear the story from both Frank and Malcolm’s perspective and that Cynthia Reeg doesn’t sugarcoat the emotions the young monsters feel. There are lots of great themes and lessons here, particularly about how our society treats people (or monsters) who are outside of the norm, but they are drenched in monster pus and roars and hysterically funny things. Shocktober, ‘Monster Up’, Mushington Way, Snotfargle; I can’t tell you how many times I giggled at the name. The end of the book leaves open the possibility for another book. I’m sure a lot of kids will hope there will be one!

WENDY MACKNIGHT, author of It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! (Sky Pony Press, 2017)


Frankenstein Frightface Gordon (Frank) isn’t cut out to be a real monster. He’s not the right color. He doesn’t want to scare humans. He couldn’t hurt a monster or a human or any creature at all. And he just can’t stand being covered in dirt or grime or bat poop—truth be told, he’d rather be neat! Frank just can’t seem to do anything right. Yes, he’s a total misfit, and when a law is passed to get rid of misfits like him, he has to somehow figure out a way to stay true to himself and to stay in Uggarland, his home.

Good-hearted Frank sets out to prove that he and his misfit friends are an important part of Uggarland, and he knows just how to do it. In fact, his idea seems so bad, that maybe—just maybe—it might actually be good.

Cynthia Reeg does a great job creating a fun and funny world full of monsters, witches, dragons, and mummies—with names like Mr. McNastee to insults like, “Eat sugar!” to a horrifying field trip to a place with fresh air and bright blue skies! Young readers will laugh out loud, root for Frank, boo Malcolm, and wait with bated breath for these characters’ next adventure.

VICTORIA COE, author Fenway and Hattie (Penguin, 2016)


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