FROM THE GRAVE Pre-order GiveAway

FTG T Don’t Miss Your Chance!

Only 8 more weeks until my official FROM THE GRAVE book release—less than six weeks until Amazon and Barnes & Noble ships the book out! What a great time to PRE-ORDER!


Why pre-order? Well, it’s a big deal in terms of promoting my book. Pre-orders count toward the first week’s sales, which helps create buzz about the book. Buzz leads to more people noticing the book, which leads to more sales—which means more kids are reading!

In addition, when more people pre-order FROM THE GRAVE, then the publisher will increase the first-run of the book and book sellers are more likely to purchase the book—which leads to more buzz about the book. You get the picture. Pre-orders are important!


As a thank you, please enter the contest to win some MONSTROUS book swag:

A limited edition FROM THE GRAVE child’s t-shirt! This is your chance to win one of FIVE!!!

Simply pre-order FROM THE GRAVE and send a digital receipt copy/photo to

Here are some links to where you can place your order:


Jolly Fish Press




Barnes & Noble


Books A Million




Indie Store Finder




Or visit your local bookstore and order there. THANK YOU to those who have already pre-ordered and to all you who plan to do so! Don’t miss your chance to win a child’s FROM THE GRAVE t-shirt. Send in your receipt today!

The GiveAway ends September 23 

Monster on!!!