A KidLit Superstar: JANE YOLEN

KidLit Rock Star

I had the wonderful opportunity last week to join the other children’s authors in Florida for their annual gathering in Miami celebrating KIDLIT. It was truly awesome! Thanks to all the hard working SCBWI volunteers there who made it happen, especially Linda Rodriguez Bernfield & Dorian Cirrone–the Co-Regional Advisors.



One of my all-time favorite authors was there, Jane Yolen. Not only has Ms. Yolen written over 300 children’s books, but she remains exceptionally modest and extremely motivating for other authors. She shared some pointers with us. I’ll pass along a few of them.


  • Be ready to share your knowledge and to support fellow authors—as Jane does so well.


  • Inspiration and perspiration are musts. Always have numerous projects in the works. “Rest is not for the tired but the dead.”


  • Editing is the key to writing successfully—be ready to revise. But also be ready to give yourself “a pat on the back” for a job well done.


  • Listen to your heart!

Passion, Perseverance, and Patience will lead to Publishing Success!