Seashell Bonanza

I am a fanatic seashell collector. I love to comb the sandy beaches looking for these amazing natural wonders. It is such a delight each time to find a new shape, size, color, or design. No matter how many times I venture to the water’s edge I am always captivated by my discoveries.

On my latest seashell hunt (with the help of my husband) I found:

a West Indian Worm Shell
a Florida Rock Shell (fossilized)
an Atlantic Surf Clam Shell
a Van Hyning’s Cockle Shell
a Pear Welk (miniature size)
a Mussel
a Florida Horse Conch (another miniature one)
an Auger (really tiny–about an inch)

Here’s a website where you can take a look at some of these shells as well as others found in the southeast United States:

If you are interested in reading more about seashells, go to your library or the bookstore to see what is available. One good source is Florida’s Fabulous Seashells and Seashore Life by Winston Williams. This book has beautiful color photos of the various shells to help made identification easier.

Happy hunting!

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