SCRITCH SCRATCH by Lindsay Currie

I was lucky to have an opportunity to read a preview copy from one of my Spooky MG author friends, Lindsay Currie. Her ghostly book, SCRITCH SCRATCH will release in September of this year. Truly, I found myself listening for strange sounds and shying away from dark closets while gobbling up this creepy read. My review is below.

Scritch Scratch

In SCRITCH SCRATCH (Sept. 2020 from Sourcebooks), Lindsay Currie has created a creepy, keep-the-lights-on, MG adventure with haunted seventh grader, Claire. She’s a scientific sort—not one prone to spectral encounters. So how can she explain the unexplainable events she’s suddenly encountering? She uses her scientific principles–along with some much-appreciated help–to reach a conclusion. The story explores family and friendship, in addition to a sprinkling of Chicago’s spooky history. I kept turning the pages to uncover the ghostly mystery, while keeping an ear open for any strange bumps in the night. I rooted for Claire to discover the secrets of true friends too. The story is both entertaining and uplifting, providing a thought-provoking and satisfying read. You’ll certainly want to add this book to your personal, school, or classroom library. 

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