Monster Writing Prompts: Part 2




Creating MONSTER CHARACTERS: Appearance

For the month of January, I’ll post some pointers on Creating Your Own Monster Characters. Be sure to come back next week for another quick writing tip, courtesy of  FROM THE GRAVE (Book 1 of the MONSTER OR DIE trilogy, from Jolly Fish Press, coming October 18, 2016)


Monsters consider their ultimate job is to scare the socks off humans. They want to keep humans living in terror, always wondering when the next attack might be. Humans are forever dreading dark corners, listening for stealthy footfalls and grumbly growls, keen to the scent of unwashed monster fur. It is extremely important for monsters to look (and smell) the part.


For example, they might be green and gruesome, or have wild hair, long claws, sharp teeth, or perhaps lumpy orange skin with warts galore, a shock of purple hair, and some serious B.O.


However, in FROM THE GRAVE, many of the misfit monsters don’t look or act like monsters at all. That leads to big trouble for them.


What does the monster(s) in your story look like?



Sometimes it helps me to look for pictures or draw a picture of one of my characters. Seeing your monster will aid in bringing him/her to life! Go ahead–I dare you! Create monster characters that will scare your own socks off. 🙂

If you want to try drawing your monster (as well as describing it), check out this step-by-step lesson on creating a creepy (but fun) monster.


Or visit your local library and find books on drawing monsters there. Here are a few I found at my library!


Several pictures in the Lee J. Ames books helped me bring to life characters. Like this rendition that I did for the evil school principal in FROM THE GRAVE.

FullSizeRender    I’d love to see some of your monster drawings!



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