Magical Little Sprouts

I love flowers and I love growing them. Everyday in the garden brings a new colorful delight. I think it’s especially exciting to grow flowers from seed. To take a tiny seed, tuck it into the dirt and believe that magic will happen. Because when after weeks and weeks of waiting, a glorious bouquet of flowers blossom–all from that one tiny seed–how else can one describe it but magical.

I think it’s a great idea to introduce children to this magic. What child doesn’t like to dig in the dirt? I read a great article in the newspaper this week by Charlie Nardozzi, a garden writer. The article was all about kids and gardens. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Let the child choose what to plant
  • Don’t worry if the rows are crooked or if there are some weeds or extra holes
  • And, of course, the adult will need to help with watering and fertilizing and other maintenance to make the child’s first gardening experience a success

In general, make it a fun experience for the child. The magic of the growth cycle will amaze them. Plus, they’ll learn patience as they await their seeds coming into bloom. In all, they are sure to find a sense of wonder in this delightfully messy adventure.

For more information on this topic, you can visit the National Gardening Association (

This seems a good point to introduce you to my magical Grand-Niece, AVERY, because as you can see, she’s just a little sprout!

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