Little House on the Prairie

I didn’t get the chance to tell you yet about a fun event I attended with my son, Matt, and husband Rob two weeks ago in Minneapolis–the world premiere of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, the musical. It was extremely entertaining with heartfelt songs and a vision of wide open spaces, even within the confines of the Guthrie stage.

Melissa Gilbert, the original Laura on the TV series, now plays mom Caroline. Kara Lindsay, who plays Laura Ingalls on stage, has a rich voice and offers a spirited performance. This production certainly made my list of summer highlights. The run in Minneapolis has already been extended–and perhaps it will continue on from there to other spots in the U.S. close to you.
If you haven’t read any of the Little House historical fiction books, now would be a great time to treat yourself. Of course, Little House on the Prairie is my favorite because it’s set on the prairie of my native Kansas–and I’ll always be a prairie girl at heart. So I’m re-reading it (again.)
Which Little House book is your favorite???

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