Early Reviews Sing Monster Praise

It’s hard to believe that in exactly three months from today–October 10–INTO THE SHADOWLANDS will make its debut! The Uggarland monsters will once more be on the loose and making mayhem. The second book in the MONSTER OR DIE! series continues to highlight issues of diversity and inclusion.

Check out what two middle grade authors and my editor have to say:

Wendy MacKnight 

author of It’s a Mystery, Pig Face!

A wonderful sequel! I am Team Frank all the way, and there were so many twists and turns in this plot that it would strike fear into the heart of any self-respectful monster! Kids will devour this! Scary on!


Cynthia Surrisi

author of The Maypop Kidnapping

There has never been a finer collection of monsters, ghouls, and other assorted creatures of creepiness in one volume. And never have they struggled against type with such pathos to do what they believe is the right thing in the face of condemnation. Hurrah!


Caroline Larsen

Acquisition Editor at Jolly Fish Press

This is a lovely sequel to FROM THE GRAVE and is part of a great middle grade series about “monstering,” inclusivity, fitting in, friendship, loyalty, and fighting for what you believe in. I was surprised by how touched I was by Malcolm’s transformation in this story. Read the first book, FROM THE GRAVE, this summer just in time for INTO THE SHADOWLANDS to come out at Halloween!

Summer Reading Suggestion

If you want a haunting read this summer, pick up a copy of FROM THE GRAVE. You’ll be all set to join the continuing mayhem with INTO THE SHADOWLANDS in October!

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Monster on!!!

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