How to Make Gingerbread Houses Online

This is the perfect time of year to create a tasty gingerbread house. HIGHLIGHTSKIDS.COM has this cool online site. Now gingerbread house fans can make one without any of the mess.


Jan Brett also has an online GINGERBREAD BABY HOUSE. You can design your very own. And a GINGERBREAD BABY COLORING PAGE you can print. Then you’ll want to find a copy of Ms. Brett’s newest book, GINGERBREAD FRIENDS, and discover all the adventures the Gingerbread Boy has when he sets out to find some friends.
Or you might want to read some other gingerbread tales. For a new twist on the story, try THE GINGERBREAD COWBOY by Janet Squire. You can probably find a copy at your local library or bookstore.
But if you are ready to make a real gingerbread house, find a book like Jennifer A. Ericsson’s GINGERBREAD HOUSES FOR KIDS and start creating.

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