Holy Thursday and Passover as Told to Children

Today is a very holy day in both the Christian and Jewish faiths.

Christians celebrate Jesus’ Last Supper–the meal he shared with his followers on the night before he died. The feast Jesus and his friends were celebrating was Passover.
Passover is a special time when the Jewish people remember how God helped them leave the slavery of Egypt. God convinced Pharaoh to release all the Jewish people after a terrible tenth plaque killed the first born sons of all the Egyptians. The Jewish first born were spared because God had instructed the Jews to mark their homes in a special way. The Angel of Death “passed over” all their houses and their first born were spared. The Jewish people share a special Passover meal each year to remember God’s love for them.
During the Passover meal at The Last Supper, Jesus told his followers he would become their bread–broken and shared for them. In THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE by Sally Lloyd-Jones; illustrated by Jago and published by Zonderkiz, the author retells this and many other Bible stories in beautiful poetic words. The Bible stories come alive with Jago’s pastel portraits and scenes. What a wonderful way to celebrate this holy day–reading the Bible story.

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