spider4Here Come the Cobwebs!

Frankenstein Frightface Gordon (Frank) in my book, FROM THE GRAVE, has a big brother named Ghoulbert. Frank’s brother is not affectionate in the least when it comes to Frank, but Ghoulbert does get a little mushy over his pet. He has a rather uncooperative spider called Spidey, that Ghoulbert adores.

As you can see in the scene below, Ghoulbert goes all out to rescue it. Frank is the one telling the tale, and his mam and pap are in the scene as well.


An Excerpt: FROM THE GRAVE (coming Oct. 18!!!)

I HURRIED THROUGH my supper (mac and sleeze with fresh swamp greens salad). Then I excused myself—said I needed to study for the Monster Achievement Test and practice Scare Patrol tactics. I was kind of surprised when my dad offered to help.

Pap threw his bulky arm around my shoulders. “That’s my monster,” he said.

I blinked. When was the last time he’d said that?

“Mondo! Mon-dOOOOOO!” Mam shrieked as she floated into the dining room. “Ghoulbert’s done it again. My bungling big boy. My misaligned monster.”

“What now?” Pap hunched his shoulders, as though preparing for a blow.

“Ghoulbert’s gotten his head stuck in the toilet again. Trying to rescue Spidey.”

“Ratzbotchin!” Pap threw back his thick green noggin. “That silly pet spider causing trouble again, Shareeka? Hiding out to get another bite on my behind, I bet. I’ve a mind to flatten that spider. Flatter than a nail in a coffin.”

“Oh, drat, draaaaaat, draaaaaat,” wailed Mam. “You mustn’t.” She floated on Pap’s footsteps, as he stomped to the outhouse.

I slipped quietly away. I knew by the time this latest crisis was solved Pap would be ready for his pre-bedtime nap by the fireplace. All I needed to do was leave a note on my now care- fully rumpled bed, “Went for a midnight stroll,” in case someone tried to look in on me.


Like me, you probably don’t want a pet spider–especially Spidey! But here is a fun art project for making a fuzzy pipe cleaner spider. Perfect for Halloween decorations!

Stay tuned for more updates on FROM THE GRAVE!

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