Fenway and Hattie

Dog Adventures to the Max!

Author, Victoria J. Coe, has created a canine main character with wonderful charm. Fenway is a Jack Russell terrier who adores his short human, Hattie.

Things seem to be going well in this dog’s life, when suddenly he and his human family are uprooted from the familiar city to the suburbs. Fenway faces the supremely slick Wicked Floor (where his food bowl resides) and too many bad squirrel dreams, all while trying to keep Hattie happy. But Hattie is lured away from her best bud by a neighbor girl with a baseball mitt. Hattie’s snuggles are few and far between.

Can Fenway master his obedience class? Can you he overcome the Wicked Floor? Can he regain Hattie’s companionship? A laugh-out-loud “tail” with an adorable furry hero! Don’t miss out on these doggone great adventures.

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