Congratulations to STORIES FOR CHILDREN

Congratulations to Virginia S. Grenier and her staff at the amazing children’s eZine, STORIES FOR CHILDREN ( They just won a top 10 spot in PREDITORS & EDITORS 2007 Readers Poll!!!(

STORIES FOR CHILDREN ranked among the very best in 3 categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. “I can’t believe it,” said Ms. Grenier. “This is our first year out and we actually placed in the Top Ten in many different categories. A dream come true for all of here at SFC.”
Look for my short story, “BF’s & Butterflies,” to be appearing in STORIES FOR CHILDREN’s April 2008 issue. Here’s a synopsis of my upcoming story:
Small town girl, Leya, wants to figure out a way to befriend Kari, the new girl, before Nasty Nona–self-crowned queen of fifth grade–claims her. Leya’s just lost her BF—Best Friend—Lucy, who’s moved all the way to Florida. Now as Leya struggles to find a new BF, as well as her place in her fifth grade class, she discovers that butterflies can lead to friendship.

So if you haven’t visited STORIES FOR CHILDREN yet, be sure and give yourself a treat and stop by soon. And remember to check back at SFC for my April story–which is only about a month away. Don’t worry…I’ll be sure and remind you again when it’s published.

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