Score a Goal–Read a Book!

Today is an exciting day for world soccer fans–the World Cup soccer game will be played between Spain & Germany in Vienna, Austria. Truly, soccer has become a global sensation, played by many around the world. Soccer is an international language of its own.

At the INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S DIGITAL LIBRARY you can find books from around the world. This site’s goal is to help children become a part of the global world through literature from various countries and in many languages. The books are free for you to read. What a treat!

In anticipation of today’s big match, I visited the international library and found the picture book, BAD, BAD BUNNY TROUBLE by German-born author, Hans Wilhelm, was also translated into Spanish–GOLDE FERDERICO! This is a tale of a soccer-loving bunny boy who saves the day with a winning kick that drives away a trio of menacing foxes.

I certainly don’t know what the outcome of today’s match will be between Germany & Spain, but I’m sure you will find many delightful books at the International Children’s Digital Library. So score a goal today…read a book!