Spanish Summer Language Fun

May is speeding by. Soon summer will be here and school vacation. 

What a perfect time to relax in the shade and read some new stories.
Or try a new language.
Look at the photo of Holly my dog enjoying Cinco de Mayo earlier this month.
What fun it would be to write a story about Holly dancing the day away! You could include some Spanish words into your story.
Do you know the Spanish word for dog?

The dog danced the day away = Baila el perro el dia fuera.

The sentence is arranged a little differently in Spanish with “danced” (baila) coming in front of “the dog” (el perro).
Can you find the words for “the day”?
Right! el dia
And that means fuera is the word for “away.”
Try this free online English to Spanish translation site.
Type in a word or a sentence. The translator will transform your sentence for you.
Can you translate this sentence yourself?
El perro es blanco.

You already know what el perro means from above.
Change the “e” to an “i” in es and you’ll have the translation for this word.
And your final clue: blanco is the Spanish word for the color of Holly’s fur.
Hasta la vista!