Fun and Games and Writing

Let’s have some fun today. Do you like to play memory games?

How about matching up cards or answering game questions?
HIGHLIGHTS has a colorful memory game online this month–Memory Lanes.
I plan to go back and play the game again and try to beat my score. I didn’t have as good a memory as I thought. 🙂
Exploring your memory is a great way to create details for stories.
Pretend you wanted to set your story in your house.
  • What color is your front door?
  • What material is the floor in your living room? What sound do you make walking across it?
  • How would you describe the view out your bedroom window?
  • What do you hear when you open the window?
  • What do you smell cooking when you walk into the kitchen?
  • Is it warm or cold when you step outside?

I hope you enjoy challenging your memory today.