Online Games for Educational Fun

I’ve discovered a treasure house of free online games at Primary Games.

This site offers games that cover the curriculum from Math, Science, Language Arts, and more. Plus, there are curriculum guides for the games to help match up the difficulty level and subject interest.
I tested a few of the games. CODE BREAKING was fun–trying to figure out which letter stood for which symbol without using too many “hints.” I did good on THE TYPING OF THE GHOSTS which really tested my typing skills–and I consider myself something of a typing whiz. It was a challenge even for me. NAME THAT PRESIDENT was a cinch, but DRAGON UNIVERSITY left me all washed out trying to stay afloat on the word logs. I’m not really that awful of a speller. I think maybe I didn’t move quickly enough. 
Allow yourself plenty of time when you visit Primary Games. And if you haven’t already explored some of the games on my website, please do so. If you’re planning a Halloween party for next month, check out my list of spook-tacular games. One of my favorites is the EYEBALL RELAY. There’s also a monster-licious Halloween Crossword Puzzle. I triple-dog dare you to solve that one.
The monster coloring page at the top right is courtesy of artist, John Blackford. You can see more of his illustrations at his blog.