Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Dads love a homemade gifts.

Why not try writing a special poem for your dad?

Remember when we did some ACROSTIC poems here? Try that idea for a Father’s Day poem.

Mega-special map reader.

Yaw-some pancake maker.


Arm wrestler.

Dizzy trampoline jumper.

Inventive homework helper.

Super-duper coach.

Good hugger.

Rainy day game leader.



Totally the very best ever–Dad !!!


Or write a story for your dad. You can make one up–a fiction story. Maybe write how your dad saved the planet from the giant worms from Pluto. This would be a fantasy story because it couldn’t happen in real life.

Or write a fiction story about something silly that could really happen–like your dad deciding to open a pet store, but he ends up with way too many pets and you need to come to his rescue.

Or write a nonfiction story about an adventure that you and your dad shared in real life.

The possibilities are endless. Add your own illustrations too. Dads love that.

Father’s Day is June 21. Get started today and make your dad’s day something special.