Gifts from God by Cynthia Reeg

Guardian Angel Publishing, 2007

GIFTS FROM GOD celebrates God’s loving gifts to each child. Glorious color photographs highlighting children and nature accompany each gift. Every double-page spread has an easy reader sentence on the right and a scripture quotation on the left making this an enjoyable and uplifting book for both children and adults. 31 pages to delight young and old!

Gifts from God
by Cynthia Reeg ;
photo art by MarySue Roberts

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“Beautiful and spiritually inspiring, Gifts from God is a tribute to God and all the things that are pure in our lives–the innocence and laughter of our children, the tenderness of a newborn, the magnificence of a sunset, the ‘laughter’ of a waterfall. With a few simple lines, some taken from the Bible, some from her imagination, author Cynthia Reeg has created a lovely book for the entire family, one to be read not only at bedtime, but at any hour of the day. The photographs and imagery are, in one word, captivating. This is a must children’s book for your Christian fiction bookshelf.”

Mayra Calvani
Author and Book Reviewer
Brussels, Belgium

I think Gifts from God was a very pretty book. The photography was good and the single line insets were thought provoking. I think it could be used as a book for the little one on your lap or for a class discussion.

Jo Ann Holdener, Librarian
St. Angela Merici School
Florissant, MO

The book is excellent. It is a wonderful simple story that will appeal to PreK–3rd… It can be a teaching tool for the middle grades in getting them to talk about other examples and life related actions and thoughts…It is a wonderful example for use with the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in getting them to … write their own story.

Judy Migneco, School Librarian
St. Gabriel the Archangel School
St. Louis, MO