Books for Boys That Are Right on Target

As a former school librarian who worked valiantly to keep boys reading, I love this new website, James Patterson’s 

Mr. Patterson has joined forces with librarians, editors, publishers, and business men and women “dedicated to get kids reading.” Judy Freeman aids Mr. Patterson in selecting a number of titles for boys (and girls) of all ages that will keep them turning the pages. The lists range from illustrated books to advanced chapter books for older readers.
Ms. Freeman offers an additional list of books for boys that are right on target. Her “Almost Can’t-Miss Sure Shot Books…for Boys” starts with one of my favorites when reading with my OASIS students, GOODNIGHT, GORILLA by Peggy Rathman. 
She includes book suggestions for older readers as well, such as THE BIG SPLASH by John D. Ferraiolo. Earlier this month at the Missouri SCBWI Conference, I had the privilege to hear a segment of this book read by Susan Van Metre, editorial director of Amulet Books, who was involved in the production of this book. I think both boys and girls will find this story fun.
Perhaps you have other books for boys (especially reluctant readers) that are winners every time. I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Hey Cynthia–I just happened onto your blog today. Thanks for the lovely plug for ReadKiddoRead,com! It made my whole day! It’s such a fun site, and we’re adding new stuff to it every week. I’ve been having a blast working on it, picking titles that are real pageturners.Right now I’m finishing up a Holiday Booklist that will go up next week, and a companion piece to the books for boys list–for girls, of course.James Patterson has been so great to work with–he’s so committed to getting parents acquainted with books their kids will love. These days, he’s been doing wonderful interviews with authors which are on the Community part of the site. You can read the transcripts or listen in on the phone calls. So far he’s interviewed Jeff Kinney and Rick Riordan, and he’s got a list of other stellar names coming up in the next months.Me, I’m always on the lookout for a few good books, ages birth to teen, reading like a maniac to find the best of the best new stuff along with memorable oldies. It’s a never-ending search, but there were some real treasures this year. Thanks again for passing the word along!Judy Freeman

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