Bird Foot Trefoils

Summer is a time for surprises–even in the ordinary. Today while walking my dog Holly around the neighborhood, I glimpsed some bright spots of yellow dotting the low-cut grass. While Holly chased a flying bug, I bent down and studied the tiny little wildflowers. Perfectly petite with one unfolded petal and two other petals clasped together like praying hands. Beautiful!

If you’d like to see a picture of these flowers and read more about them, go to

And if you’d like to see how one artist captured the beauty of a variety of wildflowers in watercolor, find a copy of A Child’s Book of Wildflowers by M. A. Kelly and illustrated by Joyce Powzyk. Ms. Powzyk shows in 4 steps how she draws and paints her lovely illustrations, and Ms. Kelly offers interesting insights into some common wildflowers that you might find growing close by. On page 27 of the book is CLOVER. This sweet wildflower, much loved by bees, should be easy to find right now.

Take a walk. Take a look. How many surprises can you find today?

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