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It’s been a rainy day here today–lots of clouds, lightning, thunder and RAIN! But it finally seems to be stopping and a bit of sun is peeking through. Hopefully, it will dry out  for the weekend. 

My poor dog Holly hates thunderstorms. They scare her something awful. So this seems to be a good time for a happy announcement.
I have been notified by publisher, Virginia Grenier, that my short story, “BF’s & Butterflies,” has been chosen from the 2008 STORIES FOR CHILDREN MAGAZINE to be included in their Best of Stories for Children Magazine Volume 2
Woo-hoo! News like that is sure to make the sun keep shining. I’ll keep you posted when I find out more about the projected publication date. In the meantime, visit their site for the latest in great stories, articles, crafts and more for children. And here’s the link for Volume 1.

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