Monster Writing Prompts: Part 1

Creating MONSTER CHARACTERS: Likes & Dislikes!

For the month of January, I’ll post some pointers on Creating Your Own Monster Characters. Be sure to come back next week for another quick writing tip!

When I started writing FROM THE GRAVE (Book 1 of the MONSTER OR DIE trilogy, from Jolly Fish Press, coming October 18, 2016), I thought it would be fun to make the monsters basically the opposites of humans. For example:

Monsters hate: sugar, neatness & cleanliness.

Monsters love: sludge noodles & the smell of rotting anything.


But as I began to know my monsters more, I realized that monsters truly love ORDER and RULES. They only allow “mayhem when appropriate.” Hmmm, being a monster isn’t as easy as it looks—which is a very good problem for a writer to have with her characters. Never make it too easy for them. It’s much more fun and exciting to provide plenty of problems.


Now, if you were writing a monster story, what would your characters like and dislike? Make a Word Web to jot down your ideas. Write your character’s name in the center and some LIKES above and DISLIKES below.

Here is a link to a Word Web you can print out if you need one.

For a list of FRIGHTFUL READS, visit my website. What’s your favorite scary story?

Monster on!!!



GRATITUDE at Thanksgiving


It’s truly one of my favorite times of the year.


image2 IMG_6362


IMG_0627  IMG_0610




In this past year, I’m especially thankful for both old and new friends—those writer buddies who’ve keep me plodding along for years and those new friends at Jolly Fish Press and The Sweet Sixteens who’ve welcomed me into the publishing world with help and encouragement.


It’s often easy to become discouraged amid our own life dramas as well as those in the larger world. But I count myself most fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who remind me to always look for the good, to hope for the best, and to believe in myself and others.


I wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving!