Summer Puzzle

Wow! This summer is zipping by. We’ve had special family celebrations, a bit of travel, some company, and lots of big summer projects. I’ll bet you’ve been up to fun stuff as well.

One of the great books I’ve read this summer is Jody Feldman’s THE SEVENTH LEVEL. The main character in the book, Travis, has to solve some tricky puzzles to reach the seventh level. I did pretty well as I tried to solve all of Travis’s puzzles along with him.

I’ve become hooked on the JUMBLES puzzles in our newspaper each day. The JUMBLES are mixed up letters in a word–much like the puzzles in each of my PET GRAMMAR PARADE books. But in the JUMBLES puzzles, you not only need to unscramble the letters. You must also use the circled letters to create the answer to a question.

Do you want to try one?

OK–1. Unscramble the letters in each of the four words below.
2. Use the circled letters from each of the four unscrambled words to form the answer to this riddle:

When all the numbers from ONE to TEN had a race, Number SEVEN won. In the race she was __ __ __ __ __ __
__ __ __.

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