Rainy Days and EZ Readers

Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day.

Uggghhhh! We’ve had four straight days of rain here. I’ve been putting on a pair of flippers rather than shoes when Holly, my dog, and I go for our walks. We’re both hoping for sunshine very soon.

But when I’ve been inside keeping dry, I’ve managed to complete an online writing course (Easy Reader/ Chapter Book Workshop) taught by Anastasia Suen. http://www.asuen.com/

For four weeks Anastasia provided a wealth of information on these often overlooked areas of children’s literature. Anastasia also offered insights on three of my own writing samples for this age group. She’s extremely encouraging. She’s written nearly a hundred children’s books and has taught writing for many years. For anyone who’s interested in expanding their knowledge of children’s lit and improving their writing, I would strongly recommend taking one of her courses.

I’ve already signed up for another one.

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