Picture Books of the Day

Anastasia Suen’s Picture Book of the Day blog [http://picturebookoftheday.blogspot.com/]is a great place to study the variety of children’s picture books in print. Each day a different book is featured as an example of 6 writing traits, organization, voice, conventions, word choice, ideas, sentence fluency. Here’s a link explaining these 6 writing traits in more detail: http://www.kent.k12.wa.us/staff/LindaJancola/6Trait/what.htm

What picture book am I reading today? GRANDPA’S GAMBLE by Richard Michelson/ illustrated by Barry Moser. In it a Jewish grandfather reveals the touching story of his past to his grandchildren. This book has an interesting voice, told through the eyes of the grandson–who at first belittles his grandfather until he comes to understand what has made his grandfather the prayerful man he is.

ACROSS THE ALLEY and HAPPY FEET: THE SAVOY BALLROOM LINDY HOPPERS AND ME are two other picture books by Richard Michelson that I enjoyed. He has others as well. Hope you are able to read some of them.

And tomorrow I hope to attend a reading by Richard Michelson. Tune back in for an update.

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