No Fooling–April Is All About POETRY

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Has anyone played a joke on you? I can remember on one bright and springy April 1st when I was about 6 my dad called from the front room. “Hurry! Come and look. It’s snowing.” 
My brothers and I came running. All we could see out the big front window was sunshine and almost green grass. No snow.
“April Fool’s!” Dad said with a grin.
Snow would be an unexpected event for April–although not unheard of. Mother Nature does have a way of playing tricks on us sometimes. One Easter in Oklahoma, we had several inches of snow. No fun looking for Easter Eggs in snow mounds.
April is a fun and busy month. In April we celebrate POETRY and NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK and EARTH DAY.
If you’d like to learn how to write a poem, go to Kenn Nesbit’s Poetry for Kids website. He has lots of fun stuff for you–funny poems, poetry games, podcasts, poetry links, and more.
Mr. Nesbit has a new poetry book out this month–My Hippo Has the Hiccups. What a great title! I’m sure the poems are just as silly. In fact, you can read one, “Don’t Ever Bite Your Sister,” when you click on the title above.
Can you write a poem every day this month? Why not give it a try.
Start right now…

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